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Coverage Level – Standard Auto Insurance

A standard auto insurance policy encompasses a package of several different types of insurance coverage, each with its own premium costs, deductible amounts and maximum coverage.

A standard level of coverage is often more than the state minimum requirements, and provides more protection than basic coverage. Standard insurance is appropriate for drivers who have a reasonably new car, with few violations and positive driving records. Their premiums will be at a preferred rate, because they have a safe driving record and a car at an average value.

Some drivers may be excluded from standard coverage because of a poor driving history, or because they own luxury or sports cars that have a higher-than-average valuation. Such "high-risk" drivers may need to purchase superior coverage, which means their premiums will be higher than they would be for standard drivers.

It's important to note that the definition of "standard coverage" will vary from insurer to insurer. Some insurers will provide standard coverage to drivers with a few marks on their driving record; while other auto insurance providers consider luxury car drivers less of a risk than drivers who are younger or who have been ticketed for speeding.

There are six standard categories for car insurance:

  • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage – Covers medical and legal costs incurred if you are found at fault in an accident where other drivers or passengers are injured or killed.
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage – Covers the costs of damages if your car damages someone else's vehicle or property.
  • Collision Coverage – Covers damage to your vehicle if you are found at fault in an accident.
  • Comprehensive Coverage – Covers damage to your vehicle caused by natural disasters, theft or vandalism, falling objects, hitting an animal, or civil unrest.
  • Medical payments – Covers medical costs for injuries to the driver and passengers in your own car.
  • Uninsured or Underinsured Motorists Coverage – Pays for your injuries or damage to your car in case of an accident caused by a driver who lacks sufficient insurance, or in some cases, from a hit-and-run driver.

Important: There are no standard auto insurance costs

The costs for car insurance can vary greatly depending on your region, the vehicle you drive, how many miles you drive each year, and other factors. Age and driving record also play a role in determining your premiums.

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