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An SR-22 is a document required as proof of financial responsibility by the court or under state law for persons convicted of certain traffic violations.

SR-22 is a form which must be filed by the insurance company stating that auto liability insurance is in effect for a particular individual. Required when insurance is provided to an individual who was in an accident or was convicted of a traffic offense and was unable to show financial responsibility. Each state has different variations of this form and requirements.

SR-22s are state specific and the requirements in one state may not apply in another state. You can expect an SR-22 or financial responsibility in every state except for these exceptions.

Delaware, Kentucky, Minnesota, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania don't require SR-22s, but if you have an SR-22 and then move to one of these states, you must continue to meet the requirements of the SR-22 state where the offense was committed.

New York and North Carolina don't require SR-22 filings, and most companies don't offer out-of-state SR-22 filings for policies in these states.

If you currently carry an SR-22 in one state but move to another state, you must fulfill the SR-22 filing period for your former state, even though you no longer reside there. Also, your insurance policy for your new state must have liability limits which meet the minimums required by law in your former (SR-22) state.

You can only get an SR-22 form from an insurance company that is filed with the state to issue SR-22s.

We do not know of any state that requires the SR-22 form to be held in the vehicle while driving. Most states list SR-22 status on your driving record, so law enforcement can look and see if you have it. Typically, it is the state motor vehicle department enforcing the requirement, not the police.


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